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Christian Aid & Testimonials

Through AquAid's unique partnership with Christian Aid, every 19-litre bottle sold means 40p is donated to Christian Aid's Third World Water Programme.

Every year, each AquAid water cooler raises enough money to give two children water for the rest of their lives.

To date, the AquAid partnership has raised over 800,000 - enough to supply 80,000 children with water for life.

When you become an AquAid customer, you are becoming a partner. When you have the AquAid logo displayed in your place of business on your AquAid water cooler - you are telling every single person who walks in your door - staff and customers alike - that your company cares about tackling poverty.

How can buying AquAid bottled water make a difference?

  • 40p pays for a metre of pipe for carrying drinking water in Peru
  • 10 pays for a kit that can test the safety of 100 wells in Bangladesh
  • 11 pays for repairs to an urban water system in northern Iraq
  • 25 buys tablets to purify 100,000 litres of water in Nicaragua
  • 44 provides enough cement to line a spring well in Kenya

How does the AquAid donation really affect people in third world countries?

  • Water pumps installed in rural villages means the women of the family no longer have to spend a third of their day fetching water, walking for up to 4 hours just to get water.

  • Freed from this task, they can spend more time tending to their vegetable plots to provide food and income for their family.

  • Their children now have the very basic necessity of being able to wash every day.

  • Nearby land can be used to grow cash crops that are irrigated by the new pumps, wells or newly built cisterns, allowing the people to sell produce or other crops.

  • Women now have more time to become involved in community development and to educate themselves - elevating themselves from the 'second-class' status to which women in third world rural areas are often consigned. They can now give themselves and their children better opportunities.

  • Villagers gain valuable building and management skills by constructing wells, cisterns and water carrying facilities under the guidance of Christian Aid. They are able to take these skills along with their sense of achievement and apply them to building schools and health centres - thus improving the quality of life for everyone.

With over 800,000 donated to date -
your 40p per bottle makes a tremendous difference!

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